Has the secret of Stonehenge been solved? | Daily Mail Online

A new theory suggests the stone was first hauled to Monmouth and lower parts of the River Monmouth with animals and rollers, then somehow crossed the River Severn, or was rafted down it to Avon.
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Has the secret of Stonehenge been solved? Study claims to have found the ‘stone highway’ used to transport the massive monoliths from Wales to Salisbury

• New study claims to have uncovered the mystery of how Stonehenge was built

• Giant stones that made up the monolith were transported from Wales to England

• Experts are baffled as to how neolithic man moved them to Salisbury Plain

• New study claims ‘stone highways’ of roads and rivers were used


DWP is failing ‘vulnerable’ claimants of universal credit, says watchdog

DWP is failing ‘vulnerable’ claimants of universal credit, says watchdog
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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is failing to support “vulnerable” claimants and is unable to monitor how they are being treated under its new universal credit benefit system, according to an investigation by the public spending watchdog.

The report by the National Audit Office (NAO) raises a string of serious concerns about the way vulnerable claimants are being dealt with by DWP as it gradually rolls out universal credit across the country.

It follows years of revelations by Disability News Service (DNS) and others concerning links between DWP’s social security cuts and reforms and the deaths of disabled benefit claimants seen as vulnerable by the department.

The Best COPD Blogs of 2017

From an athlete who’s running marathons with COPD, to nutrition and medication advice, here are some of the most influential COPD blogs on the web.
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Skripal Poisoning Just Another Lie – PaulCraigRoberts.org

Skripal Poisoning Just Another Lie UPDATE: Skripal Poisoning Is Another Iraqi WMD Scam Is former British Ambassador Craig Murray the only knowledgeable and
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Skripal Poisoning Just Another Lie

Former British Ambassador Craig Murray points to the hedge in Prime Minister May’s language as evidence that she is delivering a made-up story.

How Walmart corrupted ASDA, at the taxpayer’s expense – The People’s News

How Walmart corrupted ASDA, at the taxpayer’s expense – The People’s News
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I’ve gone to the effort to write this & it will likely leave me struggling to find a job if things don’t change.

The papers won’t hold these people to account because most of them use the exact same loopholes to reduce their tax bill. Please read/retweet

10 things we learned from Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit speech – Mirror Online

What the Labour leader said in his landmark speech – and what it will mean for you

Jeremy Corbyn set out the Labour party’s priorities for Brexit today, insisting leaving the EU “doesn’t have to be a disaster.”

The Labour leader’s speech in Coventry cleared the way for cooperation with Tory rebels who want to keep the UK in a customs union.

The Labour leader set out his party’s support for a customs union with the EU which would prevent the need for a hard border on the island of Ireland and protect the Good Friday Agreement.

His announcement opens up a clear divide with the Prime Minister, who wants to be outside any customs union so Britain can sign free trade deals with countries around the world after leaving the EU.

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Labour’s announcement of the resignation of General Secretary Iain McNicol on Friday – although the negotiations had started last Tuesday, as the SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed – has been described by the mainstream media (MSM) as ‘sudden’, with some outlets reporting that McNicol himself had not been aware that his departure would be announced.

The SKWAWKBOX can now exclusively report what, according to Labour sources, may have accelerated the party’s announcement of McNicol’s resignation.

The Sandwell accusations

Two senior Labour figures in the West Midlands borough of Sandwell are currently under investigation over a string of serious allegations, ranging from interference in local election process, financial impropriety, harassment and bullying, abuse of power, racism and severe sexual harassment.

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