Porkins Policy Radio ep. 46 The Truth About Syria with Eva Bartlett (interview)

Source: Porkins Policy Radio ep. 46 The Truth About Syria with Eva Bartlett (interview)


TTIP: an EU betrayal of transparency promises


LeserraumKatja Kipping, the Die Linke (The Left) member of the German Bundestag gained entry to the reading room in which MPs alone are able to read documents relating to the trade deal between the EU and the USA

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TTIP, the EU-US free trade deal, has secrecy written all over it. Those responsible for it live in dread of any public scrutiny. If it was up to me, I would give everyone who’s interested the chance to make up their own minds on the text of the agreement in its current form. Sigmar Gabriel, Minister for Economic Affairs and a top cheerleader for TTIP, has now set up a reading room in his ministry where since the beginning of February German MPs can each spend two hours looking at those texts on which consensus has already been reached.

A political friend of mine…

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Corbyn: ‘We need a strong Union in every workplace’

Just one of the things Cameron is attempting to distract us from is the new ant Union Bill. Watch carefully which changes are implemented on the quiet over the next few months.



Unions are the most effective force for social equality – which is why we should be proud of their link to the Labour Party, writes Jeremy Corbyn in today’s Morning Star

Before being elected to Parliament I worked as a trade union official, with garment workers who were owed back pay by unscrupulous employers.

Later I worked with public-sector workers fighting to protect their jobs and services and low-paid women fighting for equal pay.

And I know how much harder it is now today for the trade union movement — with the most restrictive anti-union laws in Europe, which are about to get even more restrictive.

As leader I am proud of the link between trade unions and the Labour Party — it is not just a historic link, it’s what makes Labour succeed.

We win when we’re in touch with the needs and the concerns of millions of working…

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